The Masquerade Party of Life

Life Lesson 1:

I strongly believe there exists no such thing as the right or wrong path to choose in life. Life consists of daily decisions ranging immensely in magnitude, each one embodying a new stone laying out the path of our life. However, no matter how many friends, lovers, enemies, talk show host, authors, and any others warn us to choose wisely and avoid life ruining mistakes I must respectfully disagree. Choices are choices, they possess no moral standing of right or wrong. Choices simply live in life, changing lives, directing lives, creating new lives, destroying others. Our lives become paint themselves in the technicolor choices we make and in that painting right and wrong do not find a home. Making a choice in life presents consequences, some of which bring joy immediately and others that bring sorrow. The choices we make change our lives and give us something new to respond to, and therefore should not forcibly take on the labels of right and wrong but embody the movement of life and learning. No one lives the same life. No two people make the same choices. And no life is a path of wrong nor a path of right. Life is simply life and should only face judgement to a power not bound by the chaotic painting of varying life choices. 

Live your Dream


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